We recently spoke to Anna Hancock, Generalist Digital Advisor at Citizens Advice BCP, on how she uses The Advisers Toolbox to generate significant time savings and improve accuracy in the production of client case notes

“My colleagues compliment me on how thorough my case notes are, and I think to myself ‘it’s because I have used this!’”

Thorough and Precise case notes

Don’t miss a single detail thanks to hundreds of bespoke prompts.

Better Software, Better Process. For Better Advice.

How often have you as a supervisor had to send back a trainee adviser to ask their client clarifying questions? With the advisers toolbox they can come back to you with the full story.

Easy and Intuitive Layout.

Our software is simple to use and produces your notes in real time.

We Understand Advice

We know that the topic your client approaches with will rarely be the only one they need help with. Our General Advice Tool allows you to add in extra subject areas on the fly with two clicks.