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The Universal Credit Migration Assessment Tool allows front line benefits advisers to concentrate on what they do best: Advising their clients with skill and compassion.

In the past much of an adviser’s time would be taken up writing case notes, a task that is both repetitive and onerous. More time would be taken up by researching the legal implications of each client’s situation. So that the time interacting with clients was actually a minority part of each advisers job.

At The Advisers Toolbox, we believe that doing these tasks by hand is neither necessary nor desirable. So we created The Universal Credit Migration Assessment Tool to simplify these tasks.

Universal Credit and the Welfare Benefits System is a complicated and counter-intuitive area of law. But using our advanced tool even a relatively inexperienced adviser can find the available options and explain these clearly to their client.

The tool in turn generates a complete and detailed set of advice notes which can be downloaded, copied and if required, added to or amended by the adviser.

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